Main models

towbar F

model F

Fixed swan neck ball
towbar C

model C

Manually detachable ball
towbar VM

model VM

Vertical detachable ball that disappears completely!
towbar SF

model SF

Boule d’attelage coudée

Other models


model DM

Fixed ball


model SFM

Towbar with fixed flange ball


model GRIFO = G

Fixed interchangeable device with ball and hook


model GM

Towbar with adjustable hook in height


model M

Manually detachable ball with key lock


model SF (C)

Fixed interchangeable device with ball and hook


model GRIFO (C)

Towbar with with ball and hook

Model information


The basic solution for those looking for savings. The ball is screwed to the draw beam with bolts and nuts, easily removable with an ordinary flat wrench. The most frequently purchased towbar.



MODEL C - Extractable horizontal sphere The best solution for all uses, from the professional using commercial vehicles to families that hook the trailer during their free time. The ball can be removed through the use of a lever with manual tightening and when not in use it can be placed in the boot. No tools are required, making this solution the best compromise quality / price available.

model C


For demanding customers who are looking best in class solution. Once removed, the tow bar is completely invisible. The system is technologically advanced and at the same time extremely easy to use and it is based on a clamping mechanism with automatic key.

It is designed to provide the same characteristics of strength and reliability of the other two, in other to keep unaltered aesthetics of the vehicle when not in use.
model VM


Most often used in vans and off-road 4x4 vehicles.

model SF

Choose towbar for your car model:

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